Rollup Kids Dart Board Set

DOUBLE SIDED MAGNETIC DART BOARD WITH VERY STICKY DARTS, the the dart weight, magnet sticking ability, and fun design make this an excellent, reliable, and affordable starter kit for kids. our safe indoor darts game for the kids also comes with the hidden benefits of practicing counting and adding, which is a bonus 2 VIBRANTLY COLORED MAGNETIC DARTS GAMES ON 1 KIDS DART BOARD, wonderful graphics, standard darts on the front, spin it around and play another safe dart game on the back, our magnetic dart boards for kids can be easily moved all over the house and hangs like a picture anywhere LONG LASTING INDOOR DART BOARD, our indoor darts game is nicely packaged and really well made, and comes with 2 sets of perfectly balanced, super strong neodymium magnetic darts for kids. kids darts for 5 and up NO MORE HOLES IN THE WALLS WITH MAGNETIC DART BOARDS, this is a wonderful safe dart game with no more holes in the wall from sharp darts, these magnetic darts are great for kids and they will love it

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